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Geldings are priceless. They certainly have an important role in this world, as they make wonderful family horses - and our geldings are just that!  Each one is the result of time, patience, and handling. They are also a rarity at our farm because sometimes our colts sell prior to being gelded.  However, every now and then we have one available for purchase.

Muldoon Macaroon, also known as "Mac", is the star gelding of our farm.  He is out of our late broodmare, Sleepys Captress, and by a local unsung hero, Billy Dee Royal Hawk.  He has graced the pages of the Morgan Magazine with his story (see June 2002 issue - Horses We Remember department) and was also a poster boy for the Morgan Horse calendar in June 2002.  Mac is our "go to guy".  From the trail to the show arena to working as a police mount, Mac has been a dependable, trustworthy boy.  He is what Morgans are about, and he gains fans everywhere he goes!

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