Canadian Royal Penny
(The Corsican Bay X Nemour's Royal Doll)

2004 Chestnut/Flaxen Filly

We were crossing our fingers that we would get a filly from Nemour's Royal Doll by The Corsican Bay, and we did!  Penny's full brother, Whistler's Corsair is the only other chestnut from this same cross.  The rest of her full siblings have been bays.  Corsair is a liver chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail, and on top of it, he is a roan!  We secretly wished for this same coloring, and lo and behold, Penny arrived the color of a shiny copper penny while sporting a blonde tail!  We knew then that luck was on our side; hence her name - Royal Penny!  Penny hasn't stayed the copper coloring with which she was born, and we knew her color was likely to change as she shed her foal coat, but the name fit her so perfectly, and so it has stayed!  She is now a caramel-colored chestnut, and she appears to be keeping her blonde tail.  We will wait to see whether she roans or grows in some blonde mane.

Penny is a very friendly, "in your face" filly.  She likes to make it a challenge for us to get pictures of her.  If we aren't quick enough, before we know it, she is right there - face in the camera, and what do we have?  A wonderful shot of her nose!  She really is absolutely adorable, with a disposition to match!  In addition, she is extremely athletic! She can stop, roll back, and turn on a dime!  To watch her, one would say she is cut out to be a reiner.  On the other hand, she can trot with the best of them too!  She puts that flaxen tail up and just motors!  Western?  Classic?  Time will tell!  And did we mention size?  Her brother is 15.3 hands as a four year old!  Penny is going to be a tall, solidly built girl!


December 2005



TKA Performing Hearts


TKA Performing Hearts
is out of our mare, OHM Nightingale (Hyland Acres Midnite X Chandar Tiffany) and by the late Acappella (Waseeka’s Skylark X Heart Lite). 

TKA Performing Hearts as a 5 year old
"Heart pictured at five years."





We would like to congratulate Laura Falconer of Sumner, ME on her purchase of Heart!  Laura was looking for a small Morgan to ride in competitive trail and compete in dressage.  After the loss of her beloved Morgan mare, she embarked on a bittersweet search for another Morgan.  It must have been destiny because all of the signs pointed Laura in the direction of Western New York, and she found what she was looking for in Heart! We wish Laura the best, and we look forward to the many accomplishments she and Heart will enjoy together as their partnership blossoms!"


TKA Xavier



TKA Xavier, affectionately called "Beavis" in the barn (no, he does not "act" like the infamous Beavis in the cartoon, but rather his "baby" whinny sounded like the cartoon character’s laugh!), is out of Sleepys Captress  (Tess’ Sleepy Shadow X Hawk’s Little Belle) and by Billy Dee Royal Hawk.  This makes him a full brother to our star gelding, Muldoon Macaroon. 


He is the last of what we considered a "golden cross", as Xavier's dam is no longer with us. This makes him even more special! He is a one in a million gelding!

We would like to congratulate Carol Wageman of Orchard Park, NY on her purchase of Xavier.  We sure are going to miss him, but we know that he has a wonderful home with Carol.  They will have fun together enjoying the many hours of trail riding to come!

TC Maverick

TC Maverick is out of our late mare Sleepys Captress and by Billy Dee Royal Hawk.  A stunning black colt, Mav is a full brother to our gelding, Muldoon Macaroon and TKA Xavier.  This cross has been tried and true.  The result has always been a steady, quiet horse with a personality that loves people!  Maverick was no different!  The first horse that I ever "bred", I was tickled when he came out black!  That in itself was a selling point, and he was purchased as a weanling!

Maverick is happily owned by Steven Johnson of Mayville, NY and has gone on to sire foals of his own!




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