TKA California Girl
(HollyBrook Braveheart X Up Hyre Morning Glory)

2004 Black Filly

We have been crossing our fingers for three years now, and she finally arrived!  A filly out of our wonderful producer, Up Hyre Morning Glory, and by our stallion, HollyBrook Braveheart.  Callie is the three-peat of a cross that we can truly say is "tried and true!"  Callie's brothers, TKA Charm Attack and TKA Twice Charmed embody the traits for which Morgans are famous - they have style, elegance, grace, beauty, friendly dispositions, intelligence and athleticism.  Wrap that all up with excellent conformation, and one has quite the package!  Our "California Girl" lives up to the standard her brothers have set, and her shiny black coat is just icing on the cake!

Callie has a gorgeous, chiseled head like her sire.  Top that off with a nice sized star and faint strip, along with two white pasterns, and she becomes quite the eye-catching package!  She also carries herself like her brothers, so we wouldn't be surprised if she graces Western Pleasure classes in the future!  She certainly will wear the silver well!

News Flash!

As a yearling, Callie has blossomed into a gorgeous young mare!  She debuted in her first show over Memorial Day Weekend 2005 at the Western New York Morgan.  Trained and presented by O’Gorman Stables, Callie won her 2 and Under Fillies class and then went on to be pinned Grand Champion Mare!  She is a show horse all the way!  Of course, we are very excited about what the future holds for her, as we think her forte will be as a performance horse!  At this point, we are planning to retain Callie for our breeding program in the future; however, we would consider serious offers from anyone who would plan to promote her in the show ring.

Callie at 3 months.

Hello Mom!

Pictured as a yearling

Pictured as a yearling

Callie at 3 months.


2004 Black Filly


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