TKA Megastar

(HollyBrook Braveheart X Up Hyre Morning Glory)


Megastar, or "Starsky" as we call him in the barn, is a drop dead gorgeous colt!  He sports a huge, unique star on his forehead!  The first time our cousin saw him, she commented that he had one "mega star"
for a marking.  Thus, we had a name for Starsky.  And he does have the makings to be a MEGASTAR!  He is put together splendidly - very correct and very tall!

Perhaps Starsky could go saddleseat, as his neck sets on right and he breaks over at the poll very nicely. If so, we would consider him a Classic Pl. prospect, as he is quiet-minded and very mannerly.  He has the personality to be a future amateur mount.  That said, it wouldn't surprise us if he follows his full-siblings and becomes a western pleasure mount. He certainly has the face to wear a silver bridle!  His chiseled head and large, fluid eyes take your breath away!

Starsky is stallion quality.  If we were at the place where we needed to retain a son of Braveheart's to carry on for him, Starsky would not be on our sales list.  He embodies all of his sire's traits with an added bonus being his size.  At this point, we do not need a junior stallion, however, so our loss will be your gain.

Starsky is the sixth of what has come to be known as our "golden cross" here at Teaka Creek.  We will be breeding Starsky's dam to outside stallions until we get a filly to carry on for her, so it remains to be seen how long it will be before we do this particular cross again.  If you like big, beautiful bay boys, then consider Starsky.  He will not disappoint!





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