TKA Royal Attraction

(UVM Coming Attraction X Scandias Carribean Queen)

Royal Attraction or "Roy" as we call him in the barn, was born to be a show horse!  He sees the camera, and immediately he is striking a pose!  He is put together to be a saddleseat horse, but it doesn't stop there!  Roy can TROT!  Just look at the pictures and see for yourself!  He isn't in knee-high grass!  He just moves that way... naturally! Conformation+charisma+TROT=serious contender for the EP/Park divisions!  And did we mention friendly? Roy has really developed a love for us humans!  His nose is always poking through the bars of his stall looking for some attention when we are out and about in the barn, and when we open the stall door, he is right  there waiting!

He has stallion prospect written all over him!  He would make a lovely gelding to be sure, but for someone looking to raise their own show stallion, Roy certainly merits consideration.  Look at his pedigree - the bloodlines that stand behind him are the bloodlines of horses known for producing excellent offspring.  Roy has much to offer in the breeding department!  Since we are not in need of a junior stallion, we have decided to offer him for sale.  If he were a filly, he'd be staying right here!


Congratulations to Morgan Manfreda on her purchase of Roy!  We are honored that she chose a Teaka Creek Morgan to be the very first Morgan horse she has ever owned!  Morgan has been involved with the breed for 8 years now - she has made her mark as an extremely competitive exhibitor, showing and catch riding Morgans to many championships for other Morgan owners.  Now she'll have her very own to show!  We expect to see Morgan and Roy in the Park division somewhere down the line, and we will probably see them in the in hand divisions too!  Good luck, Morgan!  We know you'll give Roy a wonderful, loving home, and that you will enable him to become the amazing show horse he is undoubtedly destined to be!



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